The Early Access Road Map.

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Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) will launch in Early Access on Steam on Aug 21, 2020. Early Access means the game is not yet in its final, intended form. Instead, we want to improve it further before calling it “ready”. By purchasing the Early Access version (for a discounted price), the player can already play the game, but for a more complete and polished experience, it is recommended to wait for the full release. If you’re marching with us with the Early Access release, the going will not be smooth and there will be many hardships along the way. But, instead of turning back when facing adversity, the march will continue until the final victory – the full release of the game – is achieved!

During the Early Access period, we will follow the Road Map shown above. The Road Map steps are not in order of priority, but represent the order in which the missing features and content are finished. We will tackle the bugs and main feature improvements from the start. The most important single features he will be working on are the load & save functionality for battles and campaign AI & balancing. These are larger features requiring more development time.

During this time the other team members will be adding the content, which did not make it in the Early Access version. This includes, among other things, more commander portraits from Peter, further improvements in the campaign map, game balancing, maps, scenarios, and so on. The main steps on our march to victory, the final release, are listed below:

Map Pack #1:
This package will include a number of maps that will be randomly picked when fighting in regions where historical battle maps are not present. The functionality of the feature is already in, tested and it works, but the number of maps will be expanded to allow more diverse battle fields across the continent.

1864 Campaign:
The late war campaign scenario will start in May, 1864. Union armies are preparing to launch decisive campaigns to defeat the Confederate armies. Union commanding general Ulysses S. Grant is leading armies in the East to invade Virginia, to defeat Lee’s famed Army of the Northern Virginia, while his trusted lieutenant William Tecumseh Sherman is to move with his armies to defeat Johnston and take Atlanta, Georgia. The odds are heavily favoring the Union, but with the presidential elections closing, severe setbacks in Lincoln’s war effort may demoralize the people. If Lincoln is not re-elected, the Confederacy has a chance to enter peace negotiations, eventually preventing the nation from being overran by the northern armies.

Load & Save for Battles:
One of the most important and requested features. As the battles take a long time to play, it is only fair that the player can save the progress to continue playing later. This feature required a lot of work and testing, so that all the data will be saved intact.

Tutorial Videos:
As the game is very complex, it can be easy to lose oneself in all the details and different functionalities. We will add tutorial videos for the game, explaining the core game mechanics to help the player get going with the campaign and battles.

Map Pack #2:
This package will add more randomly selected maps as well as new historic battle fields. Mind you, this will not be the last map pack to be added to the game – more will be added post the final release, and for free. This pack will expand the number of maps to what we think is a sufficient amount in the game so that players will not be fighting on the same maps every other battle.

Campaign AI & Balancing:
This work is already underway, with each patch in beta also addressing these issues, but we are determined to improve the campaign AI and campaign experience a lot further. The campaign is what our game is all about, and we really want to make it the best we can!

After the Early Access release, we will keep the players and followers up to date about our progress by updating the Road Map. After the final step, the march will be over, and the final version of the game released. We welcome you to join us on this march! With the updating Road Map it should be easy to see the progress!


The Grand Tactician Team


  1. If someone has suggestions for possible future additions, can we suggest them?

    For example, I wanted to suggest the addition of historical Civil-War submarines for both the Union and the Confederation (Alligator; Intelligent Whale; Pioneer; Hunley).

  2. Development Road map looks good, I hope you sail through the development smoothly.

  3. I think we’re all ready for a long march, Generals. The men are beyond eager and I personally can’t contain my excitement.

  4. (Author)


    Yes, suggestions can be made – preferably in the Steam forum of the game. We also already got a very long list of stuff we hope to add to the game after the full release.

  5. Certainly hope the save and reload works……I would think that would be #1 😀

  6. (Author)


    It is #1 priority, but the implementation will take more time than creation of the maps/scenarios. The work happens simultaneously.

  7. I’m looking for to the early access later this month. As well as more maps. One thing I’m really interested to see are how forts will work, as well as fort battles for both naval sieges and coastal fort sieges(similar to fort Wagner) if you guys ever need some help for anything civil war related to North Carolina I used to work with the historical society for a lot of the smaller engagements and bentonville.

  8. Obviously multi-player would be great. Any chance of that happening later?

  9. In non-historical tactical battles, will the battle maps correspond to the strategic map? So, if the opposing armies are in, say, western North Carolina will the battlefield be mountainous or will it just be a randomly generated map?

  10. Having more politics (like the old DOS game No Greater glory) would make it more different from the competition. The war was actually won at the ballot box not in the field, even Lee was aware of that he was a keen follower of New York stock and gold prices. Even in the South there was opposition from unionists, governors and generals. One feature could be loyalty ratings and party affiliations for commanders, so same party commanders get along better, another could be policy availability and success would depend on political support levels (and policies would also impact support, maybe in unpredictable ways, depending on the stage of the war and other factors).

  11. I’d love to see the uniforms that you pick when creating an army on the battlefield. That would add a lot of visual effects.

  12. Any plans to make this available to MAC?

  13. Is it possible for colonel to be promoted to bg if they proform valiant act thru out the campaign?

  14. (Author)


    We will add a number of sets for non-historical battle fields, which can be randomly picked in case the battle is initiated outside a historical field. These will be picked from a list and will not represent the actual terrain.

  15. (Author)


    It would, let’s see if we can manage that at some point!

  16. (Author)


    Not yet, but we will see about MAC version after the full release.

  17. (Author)


    Yes, but this happens automatically.

  18. Hello
    I wanted to point out an error on the map.
    I may be wrong, but the West Point is not in the middle of the peninsula, but at the very end of the “York River”
    as indicated on this old map, with a small branch of the railroad to the port.

    I also wanted to ask if you have an important “Fort Hudson” on your map?

    And don’t you think that these crossings through the York and Rapahanok rivers are a big cheating for the North !?
    Any fool would use them and end up under Richmond bypassing the army !!
    this completely deprives the “peninsula campaign” of any sense !!

  19. It seems like historical accuracy is an important part of Grand Tactician.

    I have not seen discussion of the impact of enslaved people’s desertion from their captivity on the war in any preview of the game.

    Does the dev team hold the work of JM McPherson, Ira Berlin, Herbert Aptheker and others on this question in high regard?

    This article summarizes the historical argument:

  20. (Author)


    McPherson’s book Battle Cry of Freedom is one of the books that inspired this project, among with Ken Burns’ documentary. As of now, there is no desertion of slaves modeled in the game, except via the underground railroad.

  21. On closer thought one might also say the war was won at Shiloh, but Goodwin’s Lincoln book is a good source on northern politics if you would ever need one (and Day of the Confederacy on the southern POW, though maybe somewhat outdated).

  22. Will the game eventually be available in other versions for the computer, for example for the iPad?

  23. (Author)

    Robert Fix,

    We will take a look at the possibility of other than PC version(s) after the Early Access period is over. But already I can say iPad is out of the question as the game requires a lot more calculation power.

  24. When approximately do u think that the full version would be released?

  25. (Author)


    We’re hoping to get it ready during this year. But there are many moving parts still in play, so cannot promise anything, yet.

  26. Am curious about the game size memory wise and how much Early Access is at the moment and how much the full version will be.

  27. I love that you allow for battles to take place in locations other than historical locations, but why is it randomized? The United States is geographically well understood and surveyed, why can’t real data be used to create battle maps? And if I battle in a location that I know, should I not expect for this location to be modeled appropriately instead of randomly? This also adds uncertainty into the repeatability of campaigns. The real Civil War generals campaigned understanding terrain (to varying degrees). Even if certain details were masked based on perspective (ie a Northern General may not understand the terrain in the Southern rear), there was very real calculus as to when/how to resist assault based on foreknowledge of the land.

  28. Id really love to see a strong diplomacy feature that allows the player to manage relations with European powers. Maybe have a system that even allows for the UK or France to intervine if certain conditions are met by either side. It would may become a driving factor in game play.

    Generally it would be great alternative roads to victory / defeat such as a slave rebellion, losing Presidential races, loss of public will and so on. It would greatly diversify the road to victory

  29. (Author)


    Currently the game size is some 10 GB. There are big video files, for example. There will be more maps in the full version and the size will increase a bit.

  30. (Author)


    unfortunately a map generator of this accuracy is impossible – especially if going back in time to 19th century. At least it is for our team =)

  31. (Author)


    You can lose the presidential elections and European powers can already intervene.

  32. Okay…is it necessary for the videos?

  33. Maybe having unpredictable results is not a good idea in a game, but having the AI automanage overall campaign aspects seems to somehow make that part more trivial. Perhaps a better idea could be a war cabinet minigame where the overall policies are decided, which the AI then implements (like in some Koei games). Perhaps there could also be a minigame for the military goals with the commanders (and capturing those goals give bigger rewards). Though probably getting the game working at all is now a priority, maybe an idea for a DLC.

  34. First I would like to start off by saying this is a wonderful game, I am very impressed and it already is one of the best Civil War game’s I have played.
    I am currently playing the different campaigns and have noticed the following issues, there seems that sometimes a battle gets into a loop and just goes crazy resulting in a crash, I also randomly loose all the controls just looking at the map as an observer (restart fixes this one), on a couple occasions my opponents just ignore me walking on threw my armies and I am unable to engage.
    Things I would love to see, the experience gained from auto battle is not equal to manual engagement, increasing travel time going across the southern states in hours is not realistic, realistic movement such as stopping or slowing at night or weather, battle fatigue having a unit ready to move and fight again right after a battle is not realistic, wounded and replacements should require time to return to battle readiness, picketers for defensive action and protecting the flanks, finally allow us to change hat color and leggings also if possible add the different hats.

  35. First of all, the game is great. I have been waiting for a game like this to come around. I can’t wait for the game to be in its final release.

    A few things that I have noticed that might be a cool thing if they work on to make the game a little bit easier for the player.

    1. Managing the link status and movements of units linked to an Army HQ. Example, when you move the HQ of the Army of the Potomac, the Corps also move and attempt to converge at the location of the Army HQ.

    2. Have the numbering of the Corps be sequential, so the 1st Corp is only in one army. So you do not have like six 1st Corp.

    3. Have the ability to create independent divisions within an army without having to create a Corps first.

    4. Also, when looking at an organization in the military screen, it would be helpful to see its current location. At least in which state its highest HQ is located in.

    5. When recruiting an Artillery battery, it would be helpful to be able to select which kind of guns are to be assigned to the battery.Maybe the same thing to the infantry and cavalry units as well.

  36. How do you promote commanders, also I can’t assign certain commanders such as Lee and Longstreet even though he is available in the officers screen. Please help

  37. (Author)


    Commanders are automatically promoted according to position you put them in. So if a captain is put in command of a brigade (like was very usually the case with West Pointers), he will be promoted to Brigadier.

    You can assign commanders in the management panel by selecting the unit, and then next to the commander portrait you have button “REPLACE”. This allows you to select a different (suitable) commander from the list.

  38. Really excited about this game! With purchase of early access, do we get access to the full version? Or is that a new purchase after it’s release?

  39. (Author)


    When the game is released, the EA version is automatically updated to full version and there is no additional costs to it.

  40. Great game so far, but a few things that are confusing and a bit frustrating so far -

    1. Moving units seems to take multiple tries to get them to not move in circles at their destination. Only a perfectly straight and gentle mouse click gets them to their destination without making unnecessary movements.
    2. When making sweeping flanking movements with cavalry in battle, they continuously say they are being flanked (with no one but units ahead) and try and fall back.
    3. The fall back functionality drives me bonkers as it seems they intentionally allow themselves to get hit by devastating fire.
    4. Are sieges completely automated? Or is there anything that can be done to set these up beyond sending a unit to a fort? A 10k army had only a 56% chance of victory against a 120 man fort and hasn’t been resolved in a few game days. Not sure what’s going on.
    5. This must be just a big, but I’ve had a few units completely disappear while marching or sailing and end up elsewhere on the map. Like multiple states away.

    Love the concept and looking forward to seeing the final game.

  41. (Author)


    Thanks for the comments! In case you are having issues with the game controls, please e-mail us with detailed description of the issue you are facing, and preferably with screenshots. We’ll take a look and give you hints.

    For example in case of fall back, the unit is ordered to move back slowly, while engaging. If you want them quickly out of the harm’s way, use the retreat -quick order.

  42. When setting up fleets, I see ships in harbors. However, I cannot find a way to add those ships to an existing or new fleet. It would be nice to be able to have completed ships added to or transferred between fleets and/or harbors.

    Also, it would be nice to know in which harbor a ship is located.

  43. (Author)


    To move ships from fleet to port or another fleet, you need to click and drag the small ship image to the down pointing arrow next to the fleet name (or port).

    Ships are not located in any port, actually. They are in an invisible pool to reduce tracking of single entities (performance).

  44. I getting the hang of the tachnical map, but am having problems getting artillery to fire on a unit. I seems like I get the target icon, but nothing happens when I right click on the target. This also applies to infantry units. Movement is good. Still in the early parts of the campaign.

    In the campaign game, I have noticed that opposing armies march right past each other rather than engage a lot. Is there a way to issue a command to an army to engage or even pursue an opposing army.

    In the

  45. Author, thanks for the response on the ships. I was able to drag them from Harbor to Fleet as long as the Fleet was already established. However, it would be helpful to show the ship on the fleet page once I drag it there so that we will know that the transfer is successful. If you wanted to add a delay for the ship to transit from the harbor to the Fleet that would be good also.

  46. (Author)


    The ships are shown in the fleet as they are moved there. There is a delay when moving ships from port to fleet. See the tooltip in the ships, it shows “ETA XX days”.

  47. Got the ships working. Thanks for the help. Looking forward to more maps. Although, I am just about an expert on fighting the Battle of Bull Run.

    On the Campaign screen, it seems that armies get close to each other, but do not attack even when my army is in an offensive mode. Is there away to force and engagement.

  48. I am having a great time playing as the Union, but have a couple of bugs you may want to review.

    1. I had a river fleet around Richmond that needed to go back to port, rather than going back Norfolk, it went to DC and it went overland rather thru the bay.
    2. As the union, Fort Monroe and Fort Morgan with occupied with union troops and cannon, but Confederate ships passed by without the Forts firing any shots. When I tired to bring ships to relive Fort Sumter, the Confederate forts fired on my ships. It seems the Union forts are not setup to fire automatically on enemy ships, yet.
    3. I have tried a few times to target enemy fleets at sea, but most of the time fleets pass right over each other without engaging. This is true whether or not the fleet is in movement, blockage or patrol mode.
    4. As the Union player, I am able to build armies with available recruits and arm them with available weapons without much concern about cost at the moment. I assume that will not be case in the future. Although, it is fun not have that restriction. Maybe you could make that an option in the future.

    Even with the few bugs, I am excited about the game and really enjoy playing it.


  49. (Author)


    Thanks for the feedback! We keep improving the game constantly, taking into account the feedback from you guys!

  50. Apparently, you added a new patch which looks like it should be good except that saved campaign games and continuing games have problems loading. It loads to 99% phase and then it freezes and I have to ctrl-alt-delete to close the game. Please fix. I enjoy playing the game and would like to see the new updates.

  51. I am loving the game and the dedication the Dev team and the entire team are putting into grand tactician.
    I am constantly updating on the steam community, littlejack, my comments, observations and overall congrats.

    I restart my spring 1861 campaign with each patch release and each time improvement are noticeable.

  52. Firstly thank you for the game, it is fantastic. If I could make a suggestion, presently the finance systme doesnt seem to make sense or work, with regardless of expenditure, available money seems to increase and increase, I hope a fully functioning system will be in place for final release. Additionally the weapons upgrading system seems to be pointless, I would suggest a simpler numbers and costs system, for example 24,000 Enfield available for import, each brigade equipped reduced this, this would make the brigade’s seem more valuable during a fight and the horror would be felt as you see them overrun. Additionally presently I feel the biggest bug bare is the tracking, with unites spreading out all over the map and taking strange over complicated routes when not needed. anyway I am sure you guys are fast at it, keep it up, you are the reason I LOVE PC gaming :)

  53. (Author)


    Thank you for the feedback! Notice with the available funds that the Government will issue loans automatically if running out of money. This may hurt your credit rating in the long run. Also if you choose certain Funding-branch policies you will receive funds. See the tooltips.

    Weapon upgrades will be further worked on, we’re not yet completely happy with the system.

  54. Hi I need more industry information! I know one of the aims was not to micro manage, but I do max subsidies on industry and the computer randomly builds stuff- I then decide I wantr better guns and I just get them and sometimes the option is not available (as I think I have used up a reserve of them) and then it comes back. I cant tell what my limits are, how many I have in stock – where do captured guns and rifles go what effect do they have.
    If I recruit say 10 artillery units one in each state at the same time they all start as 6pdr but I can upgrade them all to 12pdr what difference does this make to my economy, do I have a massive stockpile of 6pdrs some where?!

    How many horses do I Have where are they does this make a difference to recruit time? speaking of this it would be good for the options selected to have a recruit time estimate, basically if I recruit this unit to this army it will have an eta of 10 days but if I choose units from another state that will be quicker/slower, if you want these rifles it will be x extra time etc.

    Forts some seem to have garrisons others dont some level up can I recruit extra men for some forts without recruiting 3000! – does siege train give them an advantage in defence as they have more bigger guns? or does it confer them with a positive yet useless bonus vs forts?

  55. (Author)

    Hi Alex!

    Some answers,
    Weapons: check the number of weapons in trade panel. The weapons in stock and in depots is listed there. Weapon types you don’t have available at the moment are not shown with certain filter settings when upgrading weapons. More weapons come available with time, depending on your industrial capacity and imports, according to available techs (via industry & diplomacy policies). This aspect will be much improved in next version (0.8101+).

    Same with horses, you can see the amount of horses available in trade panel.

    The estimated time when recruiting is not shown, but it will be shown as soon as the unit is recruited, in the tooltip for the unit (“ETA: XX days”). The time increases with distance.

    Forts: all forts have a small default garrison. When adding more garrison, there are no other recruitment options than the units like for field armies. If you want less men in forts, recruiting artillery could be an option.

    Fort garrison perks: siege trains will not make forts fight more effectively. It’s only useful for fighting vs. forts. Forts having perks in general is something we should remove.

  56. Thanks thats useful, I do like this game, and i do like stats!

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