A Post-Release Road Map.

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While the Grand Tactician’s Early Access is coming to an end, and the game will be released in Full on September 24, 2021, the game’s development will not stop there. During the Early Access a lot of new feature ideas arose, and we want to improve the game further, adding many of these new features in the game, for free!

Once released in Full, we will of course continue supporting the game with steady flow of bug fixing patches. But in addition we have already decided to add new features in the game, that will further expand the game play experience. Here are the first planned features:

Rare Weapons.

The Civil War saw a number of innovative new weapon types entering service, though in limited numbers. While their use did not change the course of the war in any way, these rare weapon types paved the way for further innovations in weapons technology. The weapon types that will be added are Gatling and Coffee Mill Gun, which were early machineguns, and a small caliber, fast firing Confederate 1-pounder Williams Gun. A few other weapon types may be added to this list later.

Building Options.

Players will be allowed to construct their government subsidized buildings on the campaign map. This allows more control over the location of these industries. In addition new building types will become available, among these a hospital, which will allow better treatment of the wounded soldiers, decreasing mortality rates, and a Prisoners of War (POW) camp, which allows sending captured soldiers to be held prisoners instead of paroling them on the spot, with many returning to their former units to fight another day.

New Maps.

What can be said? There’s never enough new maps!

Avatar & Commander Update.

One of the most requested features has been the ability to add oneself in the game as a commander. We will create an avatar system, where players can add themselves as commanders in the game, using their own photo, and assigning the commander attributes of their choosing. This commander will then appear in the campaign game and can be managed just like any other commander, maybe gaining unheard of fame and achieving great victories, or maybe feuding with the superiors and getting killed in a desperate charge against the enemy’s works.

In addition, some further commander related features will be added, among these the ability to randomize commanders’ attributes at the start of the scenario. This way one will see different commanders than historically rise to fame and fortune.

Visual Improvements.

The game was never created with spectacular looks in mind, but there is a lot of room for improvements here. Especially in the way we handle the soldiers in battles. Improved visuals will increase immersion for sure, but we will also improve troop customization options further. For this reason further changes in the current customization system will not be added. Instead, we overhaul it. These upgrades may also bring performance improvements, like the new smoke engine did earlier.

We will release more information about each new feature when we start creating them in the game.

Most Respy,

Gen’l. Ilja Varha,
Chief Designer, &c.,
The Grand Tactician -Team


  1. This game will be a masterpiece, if it isn’t already! Congratulations on the 1.0 release date.

  2. I’m not sure if this is already been suggested or put in but if not there should be unique maps for Washington DC, Richmond, and Montgomery for capital city battles.

  3. (Author)


    There are maps for D.C. and Richmond, that are historical ones for each. Washington D.C. map is the area where Battle of Ft. Stevens was fought, just north of the city. Richmond is just SW of the Cold Harbor map. We do not plan on adding urban maps of any major cities, as the game engine (nor the armies of the time) could not handle that well.

  4. Looking forward to the full release. The campaign has become much more polished in the last few months, and single battles are fantastic.

    Any plans to add more single battles at some point? Fredericksburg would be a great addition.Thanks!

  5. Have really enjoyed the latest changes and am very excited for what’s on the way. Great job

  6. (Author)


    At some point down the road, yes, but not for v 1.0.

  7. A bunch of pet peeves with this great game: Could the guide book not pop up before every single battle? Could there be a clickable link in messages about arriving armies that would take you to their location? Could the tabs be closed by ESC or by clicking outside of them? Could the units with the defamed officers be marked in the army menu and possibly redeemed? Could we make custom formations, so that we wouldn’t have to move every division separately every time we want the cannons to stay behind the infantry for example? The fact that those are all I can think of at this point speaks for itself. I hope you venture on to the Napoleonic wars in the future!

  8. (Author)


    When messages about arriving armies are received, double clicking the message icon (“letter”) left side of screen takes you to the location. In next patch ESC will close panels, and there is also Windows-type “X” in the top right corner for closing.

    There are plans to improve commanders after the release. For example making defamed non-permanent.

    If you want cannons to be left behind, you may detach them in battle. Detached units do not receive the group orders. For example, you have a division of 4 infantry brigades and an artillery unit. To move the infantry units only, when giving movement orders to the division HQ, click the artillery unit, and in commander orders menu click “detach”. There is order delay to this, but once detached, the command line from the HQ to this unit will show dotted -> unit is detached.

  9. Thanks! As for the last point – I meant more like keeping the army formation when moving an entire army/corps forward. You don’t generaly want to order your army across the entire map when you don’t know the enemy’s position, so I tend to hop from crossroad to crossroad or something like that. A button “keep formation” (something like Total War’s “CTRL+G” functionality) would be helpful. That way we wouldn’t need to either move the entire army (mixing cavalry, guns and infantry on the front line) or do it division by division, but could just order the entire formation to unfold the way they were before. But really, it is just a minor thing that would fasten the phase of passive marching before the engagement.

  10. will this game run on my Mac? in the near future

  11. (Author)


    We will take a look at Mac version possibility after we have released v 1.0 for PC.

  12. Thanks! As for the information Looking forward to the full release.

  13. A customizable (save) formation to move armies across would be great! I love the game. Great job y’all! Love to see mods for this, too.

  14. Just bought this game a couple days ago and immediately love it, really great work. A small and sorta specific change I’m hoping you can make somehow. When you minimize the game/switch to a different window, the player’s position on the in-game map automatically moves to the bottom corner. I take a lot of notes while playing this game on a Word doc, and it’s a pain every time I switch back to the game window to have to reposition myself on the map. Would it be possible to keep the camera stationary when the user is looking at a different window?

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