The Bloody Day Ends

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Fellow Generals!

In Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) battles can take multiple days. When the sun goes down and the fighting ceases, both sides will continue furiously to prepare for the coming day.

As the Firing Dies Down.

The day will end either when the sun goes down, or if both sides agree on a cease-fire. As seasons and length of day is modeled, during summer it’s possible to fight longer. When the fighting ceases, the situation of both sides is calculated, including reserves that reach the battle field before morning. According to the disposition of troops, some may find themselves cut off from the main body, with lines of communication broken…

…And of course some disheartened soldiers will see the darkness as the perfect distraction to leave the ranks without permission and head home. Untrained, inexperienced, poorly lead and demoralized soldiers are the most likely lot to desert.

In the heavy fighting your troops will consume their ammunition, which is in average some 60 rounds per infantry man and some 128 rounds for guns of average caliber. During the night, the troops will first level ammunition within their unit. Then they await the arrival of their supply train.

Units with line of communication will be resupplied with ammunition and food, which is provisions for men and forage for horses. The amount depends on available supply, distance and also commanders’ administration capabilities. The supplies are distributed to the troops according to order of battle. Cut off troops will not be able to receive any supplies and this may cause problems with morale and condition of troops on the long run, in addition to not having more ammunition to fight with. If condition of men goes down, they will tire faster and the number of men falling sick will increase, along with the obvious effects on morale, that are the more severe the greener the men.

After resupplying the commanders will be busy re-deploying their troops. The possible deployment zone is calculated from position of troops, occupied entry points and objectives. Troops cut off will not be able to reform, and will start their next day from the position they hold. During the night positions can also be improved with engineers building barricades and digging trenches. And of course the generals will consider the situation and formulate plans for the next day, to overcome the enemy. Or if the situation looks dire, maybe try to slip away and withdraw from the field to fight another day.

With the multi-day mechanism and possibility to resupply during the night, or cut off the enemy lines of communications, the fortunes of battles may swing from side to side. Arrival of fresh troops just in time may change the course of fighting and force the enemy to abandon plans for attack to try to hold their own, like happened at Wilderness when Longstreet’s Corps reached the field…

Most Respy,

Gen’l. Ilja Varha,
Chief Designer.


  1. Looking good guys!

  2. Very happy with this blog!

  3. Hi,
    Great to see this in development. Scourge of War was/is a fine game but a new engine that in the contact battels does a similar trick is just what is needed. Was just thinking last night that it was needed and here it is!
    Good luck. Will for sure be after your game when released.
    All the best,
    PS. Do most wargames make their digital soldiers too brave? May be wrong but as I read the histories actual melee, contact between the lines, was rare.

  4. Hello
    Wanted to drop by and say this is saddening news, to switch from a Seven Years War to the US Civil War? Switching from a massive Euro/Latin American/Asian customer base just to grab the US market? I fear it was not the wisest decision. The US Civil War theme, not only it already has a plenitude of different games, it is not very appealing to non-americans. I for one, as a latin america, i feel zero inclinated to play Gods and Generals….i’ll stick with Barry Lyndon

    Game looks good, though. Nice job

  5. (Author)


    Thanks for the comment!

    We think we can bring something unique to the table with The Civil War (1861-1865), to make it stand out from the other very good Civil War games out there. We are also planning on focusing on other conflicts after the Civil War -game, so hopefully there will be something of interest for you later on. =)

  6. Hi Grand Tacticians! I must first start off by saying a big thank you to you for embarking on this game design! The one thing that absolutely needs to be added is the REAL Rebel yell when charging. This sound alone when the Rebels charged in the thousands or tens of thousands, must have been a force multiplier in itself. I can imagine it Made the Union troops feel like the Rebels were coming from all directions. It’s also blood curdling and terrifying to say the least.

  7. Amazing detail. Love it.

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